Bob Goudey was born in Bridgewater but moved to Dartmouth, NS at the age of 5. Growing up he was active in minor baseball, hockey, football, lacrosse and bowling. Proudly growing up through Admiral Westphal, Caledonia to Prince Andrew High; he continued to be active in the community.

Upon graduation Bob continued to Saint Mary’s University where he completed a 4-year commerce program in three years.

Then began the struggle! For five years Bob toiled in the family construction business. Unfortunately it became clear that his father was not going to let go of the business and he was forced to move on.

A Proven Track record-

Bob joined the Bank of Montreal which was the foundation of his mortgage expertise. He steadily advanced and developed a strong reputation and a sound background in mortgages.

Then an opportunity arose. Bob took over the local agency for a national lender the annual volumes grew by 400% in five years. He took on the position as a regional manager for a national lender and continued to work in the financial services industry. This lead to a success career in the financial services Bob proudly won several awards for volumes and client service.

Nine years ago Bob went back to where he was most passionate- the mortgage field.

He got back into the swing of things by taking a position as regional manager for a national brokerage house. Then he went into personal production where over the past seven years he has been a leader in production and customer services.

A community volunteer-

In university Bob found a love for volunteer work. Through his passional for minor sports he’s become a successful coach.

In 1957 Bob’s father founded the Westphal Port Wallis Minor Baseball association which is proudly is president of. 4 Years ago it was endanger of folding until he took it under his wing. Now the association flourishes and the future is positive. Ensuring every kid no matter what the financial situation gets to play is imperative- that’s his pet project.

Bob lives in Dartmouth with his wife Kelli and dog Noodles- just a few miles from his only son Robbie. Robbie followed in the footsteps of his Dad! He’s quite involved with the minor sports community and is learning the mortgage business from his father by working with him on a part-time basis.